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azzle sculpts body of light in the Old Botanical Gardens, Munich

Opening: 7. January 2010, 6 p.m.
Exhibition: 8.1. - 22.1.10

Light / Space
The installation of the Munich artist azzle celebrates light and space. It uses the inherent properties of the site to let the viewer share her experience. The installation concept is site-specific as well as the body itself, which will be built on site. At the end of the exhibition it will be deconstructed and put back into the natural resource cycle.

Nature / Art
The vast form at the Kunstpavillon is suspended from the ceiling. Only at second glance the beholder finds out why. The daylight from outside dictates the mood emitted by the radiating body that looks massive and ephemeral at the same time. Within the white cube natural light is given form by wire and tracing paper. From a height of 8 meters the transparent vortex winds itself down to the ground. It stops before it touches the rough flagstones, but light reaches down in a circular shape.

Touching permitted!
Typical for azzle’s installations is the understanding for the needs of the visitors. azzle relies on the sensibility of the viewer. She cultivates the ability of touching without harming, to give the visitor the opportunity to understand with the help of probing.

First Solo Exhibition
The chance to install this work for almost three weeks at the Kunstpavillon was given by the “Vereinigung Bildender Künstlerinnen und Künstler in Ver.di Bayern” in form of an exhibition grant. The material basis for realising this project was provided by sponsoring through Schneidersöhne and Aubinger Eisenhandel.

Ever since her first visit to the Pavillon, azzle has been fascinated by the site. She draws her inspiration from locations as well as relationships between things and humans and the society. “In essence, my work is not political. I am rather trying to reach the beholder on a still deeper level of consciousness.” This also means to discuss the idea of beauty, ephemerality and responsibility.
Although azzle constructs, toys with proportions and relationships, she refuses to be put in the drawer of the sculptor. Her disciplines include photography, drawing, sound and video amongst others.

The exhibition is supported by the Kulturreferat der Landeshauptstadt München;
press Ver.di-Förderausstellung: Franka Schmidt and azzle

Alter Botanischer Garten am Stachus
Sophienstr. 7a
80333 München

Lux Vortex, 2010
natural light, tracing paper, wire
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