Lux Vortex
Source Lost
Wishful Thinking II
Tractatus ethicus. A model.
Wind Mantra
Schale zur Aufbewahrung flüchtiger Gedanken

All of my works, i build myself. Having close contact with the materials means to come to understand how they behave and to use this information.

To experiment means to open oneself to the unexpected. The result is neither forced nor ultimate. It is the ongoing process of developing the work and oneself.

My work is concerned with issues of ephemerality and fact. It explores notions of the unreal and the impossible in order to question an assumed feeling of safeness. It often connects the inside with the outside and is strongly influenced by local flora and fauna. It is the fleeting moments that interest me and that inform my work. Ephemeral attributes for me convey a sense of sensitivity, even vulnerability and signal a readiness to accept interaction. This sometimes offers the viewer a position where she can actively engage with the work.

contemporary fine art
site-specific installation

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